Opening Ceremony have been making shoes that veer on just the right side of fashion forward for years now and this AW09 collection pushes the boundaries in all the right ways. There’s suede in colours like pink and red, burgundy buckled boots (try saying that quickly) and even wool. Yes, wool. It’s like someone cut up an old carpet and decided to put it onto a shoe – but in a good way. It might not stand up well to the rain, but neither does suede and anyway, that’s what boots are for.

And, luckily enough, this collection has an enviable array of boots. Not quite an armada, but a formidable collection nonetheless. The thick soled Bison boots make a return and some new additions include the deerskin boot with the heathered grey sock lining and the aforementioned M11 burgundy buckled boots. There’s also a pair of tan suede high boots with a zip covering the laces, but they’re more of an acquired taste.

Take a look at the collection after the leap.

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