01. Leaked Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds

“It’s not scheduled to be announced until tomorrow, but it looks like Olympus’ Micro Four Thirds tribute to the classic rangefinder has leaked out onto these here Internets looking every bit as handsome as the top-side leak seen earlier. Remember, we’re talking about a DSLR-sized sensor stuffed inside that retro compact body.” (engadget)

02. Masimilano Fuksas’ Cave Painting Museum Entrance

“Masimilano Fuksas’ Cave Painting Museum entrance – no more than an entrance to a museum, it can be seen emerging from the cave from the valley below. It is sympathetic enough to its context in form and material to both conceal and reveal itself.” (notcot)

03. Valerie Leonard’s Toy Soldiers

“Connecticut artist Valerie Leonard created an American flag out of more than six thousand toy soldiers. She also does hilarious classic pet portraits. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Very talented and funny.” (joshspear)

04. Kaplan Thompson House: Virginia’s First LEED Platinum Home

“Arlington, Virginia recently received its first LEED Platinum home, which simultaneously holds the honor of Best Single Family Residential Project from the Virginia Sustainable Building Network. A collaboration between Metro Green and Kaplan Thompson Architects, the four bedroom family home and loft merges contemporary architecture with a sustainable footprint that leaves even us totally green with envy.” (inhabitant)

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