B-Store are one of our favourite stores in terms of pushing the boundaries in a wearable manner. Sometimes they can go a little too leftfield, but most of the time you’re guaranteed a unique piece from their store.

The upcoming AW09 footwear collection is a hefty one. We’re pretty sure it would be information overload if we displayed the entire range at once, so we’ve split it into boot and shoes. The boots we’re showing today and the shoes tommorow.

As for the collection itself, workwear is an obvious influence, along with the more dandified faux-fur lined boots and suede/leather concotions. Unlike some workwear-inspired pieces, we could actually see the firm workwear crowd wearing some of these pieces. The only reason for them not to is that they’d be robbed of their authenticity spiel – meaning they wouldn’t be able to wax lyrical about how their clothing was made by travelling Japanese nomads who live on a diet of denim and Steve McQueen movies.

Take a look at the collection after the jump.

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