Here’s an exclusive from our relatives over at What Drops Next, where you can get an in-depth look at new products before anyone else. This weeks mail out takes a look at A.P.C’s AW09 boots.

A.P.C. has always been a favorite here at WDN, mainly because the brand understands well that quality and solid design are the two main characteristics to meet in today’s market. Too many times one gets excited about a line that disappears quicker than it has appeared. We are slowly pulling out of the current recession and that makes people, including us, turn once again to brands that we know that can be counted on.

We specifically take a look at this great boot from A.P.C.’s Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection. The leather boot goes ankle high and features a slight used look on the upper. The leather sole just underlines the high quality of their build. The leather boot can be worn with your perfect pair of chinos, as well as your favorite denim. Though it seems dressy at first, we see these boots going well with a simple t-shirt, as much as with a nice shirt and blazer.

Once again, A.P.C. proves that they are very aware of their customer’s tastes by presenting some beautiful boots from their Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection. As mentioned before, it is a brand that one can trust 100% and we appreciate that!

Take a look at detailed shots after the leap.

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