01. 25e Prix d’excellence en architecture

“L’Ordre des architectes du Québec has announced the winners of their 25th annual Prix d’excellence en architecture. A mix of commercial, institutional and residential architecture, a few projects got our attention. The Maison Bernier-Thibault above won the Prix Marcel-Parizeau for a project that doesn’t exceed $150,000…” (mocoloco)

02. U.S. Air Force hopes a hot car will attract recruitees (above)

“When we first heard about the Army using military-style videogames as a recruiting tool, we felt the notion of wooing American youth into joining an operation where you’re meant to kill insurgents, and equating that with something you do on an X-Box, was kind of obscene.” (core77)

03. WK’s Motion Portraits

“WK’s new portrait series, entitled 12 Angry Men (referencing the classic film), portrays the faces of twelve men. It’s the first time WK has focused exclusively on faces rather than on the entire body in motion. What’s cool about the new work is that it’s made solely with with a sponge and large brush with nothing painted over during the process.” (woostercollective)

04. Ghostly Poster Progress

“I’ve been working on a new poster over the past week and it’s very near completion. It’s a limited edition for the August Ghostly 10 Year show Chicago installment. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen a sneak preview of the poster (the image above is a cropped snippet). The one up on the Ghostly site is a very early draft though, we just needed to get something up as a placeholder while I worked out the final version.” (iso50)

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