Nigel Cabourn pieces have been dropping in Japanese stores already, but it’s nice to get a little backstory on the collection. Nigel Cabourn has made his latest lookbook in postcard form, describing the collection’s inspiration.

According to the postcards, the collection is inspired by English mountaineer George Mallory, who attempted to climb Mount Everest back in 1924 – back when it was actually a mammoth challenge and didn’t have every Tom, Chris and Cheryl climbing it – and the clothes he wore whilst doing it. The image above is Mallory’s actual clothes, which have stood the test of time (and mountain climbing) and prove the everlasting quality of the fabrics. Below the jump is a picture of his climbing partner Andrew Irvine’s parka, which included a detachable rucksack attached to the coat via the belt.

The rest of the postcards are available after the leap.

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