01. Mind Your Own Business | Consortiums NY Q&A

“After telling friends that retail pro Andre Munoz had opened his store,Consortiums New York, on Delancey at Bowery, I believe the quip was, “is it a Jimmy Jazz franchise?” Lol guys, lol. Completely devoid of Nike boots, the vibe at Consortiums does hit an urban note, but think more Danceteria and less Club Cheetah.” (asilentflute)

02. San Francisco Signs Mandatory Recycling & Composting Laws

“Just yesterday On June 23rd, the City of San Francisco signed into effect the nation’s first law mandating that all residents and businesses separate their recycling and compost material from normal trash. While many other cities in the US require recycling, no other city requires separation of food scraps and foot material to becomposted. The measure, which will take effect this fall, is intended to help increase landfill diversion rates to 75% by 2010 as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” (inhabitant)

03. Seoul’s comprehensive design makeover

“In preparation for their 2010 World Design Capital status, Seoul is undergoing an Olympic-sized design makeover headed up by industrial designer Chung Kyung-won. Chung is the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s chief design officer and an ID professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.” (core77)

04. Absinthe by Couvet (above)

“Absinthe, in terms of history and experience, is a pretty nifty beverage. The goal was to create a brand that compares to the experience and easily appeals to the people and market who are currently buying it. It comes in three grades which reflect the percent of alcohol.” (packagingoftheworld)

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