Art July, 8 2009

99 Fears by Nedko Solakov

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99 Fears collects a series of drawings by Nedko Solakov cataloging a range of fears and insecurities. Solakov’s drawings depict general anxieties of modern life, complemented with humorous captions that bring the simple and pointed work to full life. In total 99 Fears is the sort of adult picture book that realizes in clear terms basic human emotion. A truly wonderful creation.

Solakov was born in Bulgaria and received his fine art degree from the Sofia Academy of Fine Arts in 1981. Since then he has exhibited throughout Asia and Europe, including several installations at the Venice Biennale. Art Historian Suzaan Boettger offers a critical essay on Solakov in 99 Fears, building an artistic and biographical context for the drawings.

99 Fears by Nedko Solakov, published by Phaidon Press, 2008, www.phaidon.com.

A selection of drawings from 99 Fears follows.

Two people are dancing. They feel especially happy because they left all their daily fears aside to feel more free and relaxed. The will collect the fears back later.

A tiny piece of hope is not scared of living in a deep Black darkness for the time being...

A husband is giving his wife a huge flower. Her fear: it seems that this time he did (apparently secretly) a really bad thing.