01. Beck launches interview series with Tom Waits

“Beck has launched a new interview series on his website, which will feature regular conversations between musicians, artists and writers. The singer’s first interview subject is legendary crooner Tom Waits, with whom Beck discusses various topics including the colourful history of Los Angeles…” (nme)

02. Madonna Collaborates With Sunn O))) In Manchester

Holy shit. “Last week, electronic pioneers Kraftwerk used the setting of the Manchester Velodrome to perform alongside the British cycling team. Surely, there is something in those heavy north western skies that inspires artists to reach across the divides of aesthetic or practice? And so it is that on July 7th, 2009, Madonna invited magisterial doom troupe Sunn O))) onto the stage during her concert at the Manchester MEN arena, as the photograph above clearly proves…” (quietus)

03. Hennessy Black (above)

“Hennessy Black’s new cognac packaging is a study in contrasts. A black/silver/gray color scheme is elegantly portrayed with impeccable attention to detail. A glossy black finish allows the bottle to better catch the light. The new hot-pressed silver logo block emphasizes the stylized “armed arm”. The top of the bottle represents a black chain-mail armor on a gun-colored gray background, which perfectly suits the shape of the metallic cap. The 1785 matte black medallion has been redesigned…” (dieline)

04. Greenest County Fair on Earth Boasts First Solar Powered Carousel

“Few events capture the sun-soaked glory of summer better than a county fair, and when the whirling lights and sounds are powered by clean green energy what’s not to love? Sponsored in part by PG&E, this year’s Marin County Fair was host to a dazzling array of green innovations ranging from the world’s first solar-powered carousel to an all-electric auto show to a sound stage juiced by the sun’s rays…” (inhabitant)

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