01. Lunar Rover Operations Handbook in PDF

“The original Apollo Lunar Rover Operations Handbook, as prepared by the Boeing Company, Huntsville, Alabama, April 19, 1971 — available for download here.” (ianc)

02. Bread & Butter 2009 – Fashion and Sustainability

“Questioning fashion and sustainability is not just about the enormous amount of plastic bags at this year’s Bread & Butter. Actually, we asked several fashion brands about the importance of sustainability in fashion we got the answer – ‘Sorry, with sustainability you can’t make money in our segment.’ – which motivated us to look for examples that embraced sustainability a little bit more.” (core77)

03. World’s First Cargo Ship Propelled by Solar Panels

“These days, it seems everything from rooftops to cell phones come equipped with solar panels. Now, huge cargo ships are the latest entities to join the solar power fray. The M/V Auriga Leader, now docked at the Port of Long Beach in California, recently unveiled an impressive array of 328 solar panels that will power the ship’s main electrical grid, making this the first ocean liner to be propelled in part by the sun’s rays.” (inhabitant)

04. Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Announces New Atlas Sound Album

“..his affability has enticed Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) and Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier to chip in with guest shots on the upcoming Atlas Sound LP, dubbed Logos and due out October 20 via Kranky…” (pitchfork)

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