01. Sebastian Carter: Jan Tschichold — Master Typographer

“Jan Tschichold was one of the most distinguished typographers of the last century, and has had many admirers, among whom he himself was not the least. His work has been described and illustrated in his own publications and those of Ruari McLean, who was also responsible for the translations into English of his two chief books of instruction.” (designobserver)

02. The Vinyl Frontier – Movie

“The Vinyl Frontier movie ~ sneak preview at comicon saturday night ~ see you there!”  (notcot)

03. Milli Shoebox

“The name Milli is short for ‘millimeters’, the unit that measures the size of bullets. It is also short for ‘millisecond’, which is often the margin of victory in a foot race. The shoe is places inside a bullet-shaped box, a symbol of power and speed.” (dieline)

04.  Creative Space

“So what are the interiors of the homes of designers, graphic artists and creatives in general like? You know, the kind of people who shop at Colette’s or down on NY’s Lower East Side – those who love to visit vintage jungles and contemporary art shows and sift through antique markets and stores of every kind as they travel from city to city. “Creative Space” is a book that portrays a world rather like “The Selby” and it’s the work of journalist Francesca Gavin.” (cnc)

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