01. Camping Essentials by Cold Splinters

“I get my daily fix for all things outdoors from one of my favorites,Cold Splinters and the site’s author Jeffrey Thrope was kind enough to put together a special round-up of his ten favorite camping / hiking / outdoor items, exclusively for ACL. Check out his picks and thoughts below.” (acl)

02. Nyorai

“Nyorai is the Japanese pronunciation of rúlái 如来, which is in turn the Chinese translation of tathāgata. The etymology of the original term is unclear, but in the context of the Mahayana Buddhism that swept China and later Japan, it refers to either the original Buddha or another who, like him, made a mercy mission to our world to spread truth and light” (neojaponisme)

03. Designed for Smuggling

“From today’s Fresh Air is a profile of the Tobacco Underground, an investigation by The Center for Public Integrity about how money from cigarette smuggling is sometimes used to fund terrorism. Of note is Jin Ling, a smuggled-only brand “virtually unknown to the authorities three years ago,” (core77)

04. Educational Architecture

“To start this week’s Round Up, we bring you previously featured educational architecture from Spain, Portugal, France, and Slovenia. Enjoy!” (archdaily)

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