01. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

“Lamborghini have no problem with being a high performance car maker in an eco-conscious world; they point out, not unreasonably, that their slender production volume and the ‘occasional use’ quality of their cars means their overall emissions are relatively low.” (wallpaper*)

02. Mission Bicycle Store by Grayscaled Design

“San Francisco design collective Grayscaled have designed the interior of a store in San Francisco, California, that sells custom, fixed-gear bicycles. Called Mission Bicycle store, the project involved giving physical presence to a brand previously only available online.” (dezeen)

03. The Gap: Fitted Two-Pocket Shirt

“it’s one of my favorite shirts right now. Just going into the GAP with its dated interiors and droky sales people through me back to my high school days. But they still got it … and these fitted pocket shirts are the evidence.” (batxerfinley)

04. The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Phil Kiel (above)

“The Volkswagen Golf is the worlds third best-selling car with more than 25 million sold. I have always been interested by how objects and technology change over a long period of time, and this can especially be seen in the different models of the Golf.” (+kn)

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