01. Heinz Edelmann, ‘Yellow Submarine’ Artist, Dies at 75 (above)

“Heinz Edelmann, the multifaceted graphic designer and illustrator who created the comically hallucinogenic landscape of Pepperland as art director for the 1968 animated Beatles film “Yellow Submarine,” died on Tuesday in Stuttgart, Germany. He was 75.” (nyt)

02. Lukas Petrash’s MCD House: Trash becomes a family’s treasure

“To describe the house Lukas Petrash designed and built for his aunt Mary Coronis-Dros and her two children in Huntsville, Texas, requires a certain breathless tone. MCD House cost only $24,500 to build, with $10,000 of that forgiven as a federal homesteading grant. It measures only 484 square feet. And Petrash was only 23 years old when he finished it. The project began when local artist and president of the Sustainable Builder’s Guild in Huntsville Dan Philips issued Petrash, then approaching his fifth year at the University of Southern California, a challenge…” (archrecord)

03. Tron 2.0 Trailer HD

“You may have seen the leaked trailer for Tron 2.0 ( imdb ) from ComicCon a few months ago … Here are HD versions of the trailer for Disney’s feature directed by Joseph Kosinski … also check out some production shots … I cannot wait to see this film.” (cpluv)

04. Students Build a Car the Blind Can Drive

“Virginia Tech undergrads have built a car that the blind can drive. This semi-autonomous vehicle is equipped with laser range finders, computer with voice software and other sensory technology that helps direct visually impaired drivers to take the wheel on a closed course…” (likecool)

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