The Atelier LaDurance Saddle Belt you see above is from my personal closet. It was gifted to me this past January and I have faithfully worn it day in and day out. I consider Atelier LaDurance belts to be some of the finest in the world – triple thick and handmade from an almost indestructible cowhide. I highly recommend them especially if you like the keyring attachment.

But the finish you see above is not what my belt looked like when it arrived in my hands. It was originally closer to a beige/plain white finish (which you can still find) which did not bother me until the belt began to wear in. After a few months of use, the belt naturally started to form into it’s own and the white finish began to wear off which allowed me to see the natural tan finish being covered underneath. It was like pulling up tile and uncovering a hardwood floor.

Ask Nick how long it took me to remove all the white finish and bring it back to it’s original beauty (hours). The keyring came off much easier. The belt may not be what it once was, but at least it is rugged enough to take my changes and remain the most durable belt I have used in ages.

More views of my re-worked Atelier LaDurance Saddle Belt with images of the original finish after the jump.

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