Where the runway meets the street

We saw Naked and Famous back at BBB and we were impressed with the quality, fit, materials and outlook of the brand. We weren’t so impressed with our picture taking skills, which made the collection look like something H&M would turn away. Thankfully someone who does know how to take a picture has captured their selvage chinos.

If you’re like us, you’re probably looking to give the indigo denim a break. Not give them up forever, mind – just give them a few more days in the wardrobe whilst you explore new colour options. These beige chinos are a nice halfway house between jeans and chinos and the colourway leaves plenty of room for colour experimentation. They’re also vanity sized, so you can feel slim asking for a 32″ waist when you’re really 35″. (Blue in Green)

Detailed shots after that leap.

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