01. Coffee Cup Holder For Bikes By Paulbaut

“austrian studio paulbaut has sent us images of his ‘ring-o-star’ bicycle coffee cup holder. ‘ring-o-star’ can be attached to handlebars of the bicycle by tightening the expander bolt. it is made of silicone and aluminum and comes in 6 different colors.” (designboom)

02. Christina Hendricks Isn’t All That Fussy

“The woman who plays the fastidious Miss Holloway on Mad Men discusses (pleasantly, more or less) her character, her character’s undergarments, and the considerable joys of quality meats…” (esquire)

03. Clearaudio Emotion SE Turntable (above)

“Clearaudio has released a new version of its Emotion turntable called the Emotion SE featuring a 0.8″ thick acrylic chassis, 1.1″ precision machined GS-PMMA acrylic platter, high-mass motor damping base and an aluminum arm base.” (ic)

04. Live Nation Expands ‘No Service Fee Wednesday’ To Include Over 1,500 Shows

Whatever.  (tmir)

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