Art August, 6 2009

Dalek in Hawaii | Day 2

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Things are moving along at Honolulu’s Soho Mixed Media Bar. Here’s the report of day two from the Context Magazine folks. Coverage of day one can be found here.

The Wagner heat gun is made to take paint off, but for the purposes of fine art, Dalek uses the tool to add more paint– an ironic occurrence in the artistic process. This gun along with many other tools, the artist legally known as James Marshall, uses in create stunning pieces of art. For the past two days, Marshall has been working in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, preparing several original pieces for 2D: The Art of 2day exhibit at SoHo.

This event is a collaborative effort by In4mation, Contrast Magazine, Hurley and The Sheraton Waikiki to benefit The Contemporary Museum (TCM) and will culminate with the exhibit during the monthly First Friday Art Walk.

Before any of Dalek’s pieces can be displayed in its colorful and shapely beauty, the artwork needs to be first made. That’s why Marshall, along with a team of art fans, led by In4mantion’s Jun Jo and Contrast’s Kristen Lee Lim, are using Wagner heat guns to dry paint on the wooden panels so Dalek can put more on. There’s a long list of tools that Marshall uses to create: rulers, rollers, pencils, pens, paint, paper towels, brushes, boards and a milky-looking matte sealant that we nicknamed, ‘jizz.’

It’s all necessary- and all good- for this interactive art experience in the islands. So far, on Day 2 of Dalek’s Hawaiian trip, there has been over a dozen different hands working together to increase the presence of modern art in the islands by benefitting TCM. Marshall and the art fans put in a long night yesterday, putting down a couple cases of beer and rolling a lot of Behr paint till 3 a.m.

Whether they be using the Wagner heat gun, taping off a design or brushing ‘jizz’ onto tape, Dalek and this rag tag crew of art aficionados are currently deep in the creative process and it’s a beautiful thing. Aloha.

More images from day two after the jump.

Todd brushes ‘jizz’ onto the tape so the paint won’t leak onto other shape.

Jun Jo looking like one of the Big Tymers-“Get your roll on…everybody get cha mothaf---in’ roll on.”

There’s a little, tingly sensation you get when you peel off a piece of tape and see all these extravagant colors and shapes. I’m calling the feeling a “Paint Nut.”

After the paint fully dries, Dalek touches up the piece with paint pens and outlines each shape with a Sharpie pen. That’s attention to detail, holmes.

Contrast Magazine Editor Daniel Ikaika Ito isn’t artistic. The dude can’t draw, paint, sketch and had a hard time cutting along the dotted lines throughout elementary school. Which is probably why he became a journalist in the first place. But, even an artistic klutz can find a way to contribute via Wagner heat gun.