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While I am in Michael Williams’ hometown of Cleveland, I’ll let him drop some knowledge on the forthcoming Levis Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2010 collection. “There have been points through the years that have marked significant changes in the classic 501 jean. For instance in 1922 when men started wearing belts instead of suspenders so Levi’s started adding belt loops and removed the buttons for the braces. In 1944, the U.S. government demand that all businesses ration materials like fabric, thread and metal. So the 1944 LVC 501 was made without rivets on the watch pocket, crotch and cinch. The War Department also determined that the famous Levi’s back pocket stitching — called the Arcuate — was “decorative and a waste of thread” according to LS & CO Historian Lynn Downey. So rather than lose its trademark, Levi’s hand painted the Arcuate on every pair of Levi’s 501 WWII jeans.”

More on the Levi’s Vintage Clothing for Spring/Summer 2010 at ACL.

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