01. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke reveals reasons behind Harry Patch tribute song

“Writing on Deadairspace.com about the track, Yorke explained how he first became aware of Patch, adding that the he and bandmate Jonny Greenwood had recorded the tribute to him in an abbey shortly before his death.” (nme)

02. A Tribute to John Hughes

“You might not admit it, but deep down everyone loves a John Hughes movie or two, so it’s sad to hear of his passing, aged just 59.” (retrotogo)

03. Roll-Out Vegetable Mat Makes Gardening a Snap!

“Looking to grow your own vegetable garden but afraid you don’t have a green thumb? Chris Chapman’s Roll-Out Veg Mat could be just the solution you’re searching for. The corrugated cardboard mat is sowed with four types of vegetable seeds and organic fertilizer all ready to be rolled out – all you need to do is add water and soil. Chapman plans to create different mats for different seasons, keeping in step with changing growing cycles. Complete with fun graphics and instructions, Chapman’s design makes gardening much more approachable to budding green thumbs.”  (inhabitant)

04. Wilcraft – Amphibious Ice Fishing and Hunting Vehicle (above)

“The Wilcraft is a multi-seasonal amphibious vehicle designed for the ice fishing and to get you into those hard to reach hunting spots. The Wilcraft offers incredible stability on water, ice and land. It’s a light-weight vehicle, has a ground pressure equivalent to a person walking and it can float” #hardcore (likecool)

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