01. Martin Senyszak – Cassette Tape Anatomy

“Photographer Martin Senyszak of Edinburgh, Scotland analyzes the visual structure of the common cassette tape. His simple black and white images break down the tape into its component parts and propose a geometric perspective. Senyszak holds a BA in Visual Communications from Grays School of Art and has also won the Best New Blood award at the D&AD New Blood Exhibition in London.” (deftouch)

02. Living Chair Number 1 by Anders Huus

“The purpose of LC1 is to test the possibilities of bringing life to traditionally “dead” furniture. This opens up a wealth of possibilities for both functionality and the users experience of the furniture.” (mocoloco)

03. SEED Awards Recycled From Submission Shipping Materials

“This year the Atlanta chapter of AIGA received a record number of entries for their annual SEED Awards, and then rather than discarding all those submission shipping materials they decided to repurpose them into the awards themselves! The clever recycled trophies were created by laser-cutting cardboard into a film reel for the motion category, a mouse for the interactive category, and a book for the print category. The only costs involved were for the laser-cutting and silkscreening, and all the materials were assembled by hand. We applaud AIGA Atlanta’s ingenuity for recycling their readily available materials into environmentally-sound symbols of accomplishment.” (inhabitant)

04. Esquire UK – September 2009 (above)

“Last week i had the pleasure of attending the Somerset House where Esquire held a exhibition in which they invited 18 leading fashion designers to work with an artist or creative talent of their choosing, to co-create one-off bespoke suits that challenge the form of men’s suiting.” (text:bntl /img:agentbedhead)

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