Where the runway meets the street

Sticklers for authenticity will love this. Gloverall, a company who’ve been focused on outerwear for ages, are bringing out a few more contemporary versions of their famous duffle coats. We’ve been a little duffle-heavy lately, but what can we say, we like them. That said, we’ve got a horrible feeling that they’ll become this years version of the peacoat – and by that we mean absolutely everyone will hop on the bandwagon a bit too early and we’ll be forced to abandon it. If that happens, we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

Out of the two duffles we’re more partial to the beige-toggled versions, but we wouldn’t blame you if you liked the other version. The cut is a slim one and they’re made in London – which not many companies can claim to do these days. They’ll be available at select retailers next month.

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