We’re about to say something that will be blasphemous to a lot of our readers, brace yourself. We think these boots are better than Tricker’s brogue boots. There, we said it – send your hate mail the usual way.

We don’t say such a thing lightly. We’ve been tossing about in our sleep (not in that way) thinking about making such a bold statement. Full disclosure here; one of us does work on Lodger’s site and therefore we’ve seen the shoe up close and personal – which is why we feel confident in our statement.

Why are they better? Firstly, the leather used is a rare antique African antelope leather called Kudu, which is so rare that this shoe of month genuinely won’t be able to be repeated again. And secondly, we prefer Lodger’s construction – as a new company they can’t rely on heritage stories to sell their products, so they have to prove how good their pieces are by their craftmanship.

This is Lodger’s September shoe of the month and our favourite yet; don’t be surprised if you see us about wearing a pair of these. (Lodger)

Take a look at detailed shots after the leap.

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