01.  “Out of Africa”

“Photographed by Laurence Ellis.” (contributingeditor)

02. Big Ole’ Update on The Hardcore Archaeologist

Some big rarities shown here: test pressings from Minor Threat, Teen Idles, og Gorilla Biscuit t-shirts, og Misfits t-shirts, and my favorite, an og Quicksand t-shirt. Looks like they’re pulled from eBay (maybe). (thca)

03. Why I love Chinatown

“Working his way as a nomad through Washington Heights to the Financial District, Chris Schonberger, TONY’s assistant Web editor, has finally found a home in Chinatown. ‘The abundance of legitimately cheap and delicious food is a big selling point for me (as well as a rare commodity in Manhattan), and the fact that I am much taller than the majority of the people there seals the deal,’ he jokes.” (timeoutny)

04. Gary Cooper as Architect in the Fountainhead

“Mirage.studio.7 has a collection of fictional architects in movies. Our favorite is Gary Cooper in The Fountainhead, an adaptation of the novel by Ayn Rand.” (dailyicon)

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