If you remember our feature on Denim Demon, you will recall the origins of the “Ware Out” project. In order to replicate real ware, Denim Demon supplied seven Sami people in Northern Sweden and allowed them to work their magic in a raw pair of jeans. After six months, the results were collected and the basis for the new collection formed.

All the jeans are made in Japan, hand finished, and will be released to select European accounts in editions of 100. The first three “ware outs” are coming this fall. The jeans honor JanAke (above), Per-Henrik, and Per Guttorm. JanAke, for example, wore a huge knife on his left side which accounts for a very specific fade. Additionally he carried a tin of sinus, generating the round fade on the pocket. Each of the jeans will have a custom reindeer hide patch with a portrait of the “ware out” participant (reindeer being another nod to the Sami). If you want to create your own “ware out” the same Japanese milled and constructed denim used for the washes will also be available in raw.

More jeans and the patches after the jump.

During the project Per-Henrik worked in a blueberry field, creating blue/purple stains on the knees. He also shot an elk. So, blood and meat stains are recreated on the upper thigh.

During the project, Per Guttorm tore the left hem of his jeans riding a motorcycle. His mother repaired them. This repair has been recreated on the “Ware Out” model. He also left 2 Norwegian crowns in his left pocket, and in each of the 100 pairs delivered to shops 2 crowns are left as well.

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