01. 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic

“Debuting at the Frankfurt auto show this month – 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic. Limited to 250 pieces, the Porsche Exclusive team has been fine tuning this one for 3 years – “Porsche Exclusive is Porsche’s Specialist Department for the most outstanding customised versions of Porsche cars going beyond even the highest standard of the Company’s regular production models.” So are you ready to see more drool inducing pics and the full press release?” (notcot)

02. iPod nano 5G with Video Camera

“iPod nano now comes with a built-in video camera that lets you spontaneously shoot video wherever you are. Yet it’s still the same ultraportable size.” (apple)

03. Winners of the 2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classrooms

“Several months ago, Architecture for Humanity, in partnership with Orient Global, put designers all around the world to the test in their 2009 Open Architecture Challenge for the Classroom of the Future. The mission? Address the unique issues that schools everywhere are facing in order to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable learning spaces for students. Over 400 entries were submitted and the winners were just announced this week” (inhabitant)

04. UK James Dyson Award winner announced

“The UK James Dyson Award goes to the Automist, by RCA students Yusuf Muhammed and Paul Thomas. The concept is of a (retrofittable) kitchen sink faucet that disperses a thorough mist in the event of a fire, effectively dousing the flames.” (core77)

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