If you’re anything like us, you’ve been wearing raw denim for years now. You’ve been through more febreze and patched more crotch holes than you ever thought possible. It’s time for us to ask the question that Jake Davis asked last week; Is it ever okay to wear pre-distressed denim?

If, like us, you’re veering towards yes, then Natural Selection are the denim line for you. The denim has the authentic hallmarks that denim obssessives love – denim from Okayama, reasonable weight (14.5 oz), chain stitching – as well as a pre-distressed denim for those who don’t like the idea of wearing their denim every day for a year. Before Kiya spits out his coffee in disgust, they also offer a raw version – so you can do things the authentic way. Currently available at Start, Coggles and Selfridges.

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