01. Pre-Order Jawbox “For Your Own Special Sweetheart” Now

“On November 24th Desoto and Dischord will team up to release a new, completely re-mastered and re-packaged, edition of the Jawbox album, For Your Own Special Sweetheart — a masterpiece long lost in the weeds of major label limbo. The new edition CD and LP was re-mastered by Bob Weston of Chicago Mastering Service and features all new artwork by Jason Farrell. The CD includes 3 extra tracks from the Savory + 3 EP and the LP features a free MP3 download of the album (including the extra tracks).” (dischord)

02. Wall to Wall: Futures Past: Knowledge Box Reborn (above)

“I walk through the hatch-like doorway and stand in the middle of the cube. The images and sounds envelope me on every side–around me, above me, below me–and create a collage of possible interpretations. (Its architect/inventor Ken Isaacs used the term “matrix” to describe the overlapping sensations.) I first stumbled across a reference to the Knowledge Box while doing research for a book on radical environments of the psychedelic sixties. It sounded intriguing. What was a Knowledge Box? I kept coming across other references to it in the periodical literature of the day, mentions by multi-media artists, lightshow impresarios, architects and experimental filmmakers who spoke of the box as a common source and inspiration.” (wsj)

03. Snowshorts

“The SnowShorts($35) have a ridged plastic butt-plate, and while wearing them you can slide down any snowy slope and never have to drag a sled uphill again. If you can play with your kids? There is an adult sized pair, fits up to 42″ hip.” (likecool)

04. Vipp: Trash Cans For Charity

“Fast forward seven decades: Holger’s company, Vipp, is now a third-generation family business with an international market and no small amount of design cache (the Conran Shop began stocking Vipp bins in 1996). To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Vipp has now asked a handful of art- and design-world insiders to tinker with its classic trash can (whose design has barely changed since 1939; the only major adjustment happened in 1949, when the original chromium-plated-steel lid was ditched in favor of a stainless-steel version.)” (metropolis)

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