01. Pomplamoose Cover Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’

“We love this song. the chord progression in the chorus is genius. hooray for beyonce and her songwriters.” Bonus points for using a Polaroid as a percussion device. (pomplamoose)

02. Spike Jonze Discusses Arcade Fire’s Influence on “Where the Wild Things Are”

“’I wrote the whole script to Arcade Fire’s Funeral, and I listened to that song a lot,’ he said. ‘That record is thematically very connected to the film. So it seems so perfect that we got to put that in the trailer.'” I’ve been dying to see this since the moment I saw the trailer six months ago. The combo of Arcade Fire’s epic “Wake Up” and the visuals in the trailer were enough to give me the chills every time I’ve watched it (which is a lot). I can’t wait.  (prefixmag)

03. The Making Of ‘Born To Run’

“Wow. What a difference a few decisions can make. Imagine if they’d kept the giant strings, background ladies, and too-loud doubling/harmony. My Christ, the strings. By the end, they sound like they’re ready to invade Poland.” (kungfugrippe)

04. Oi! Blur Join LEGO Rock Band (above)

“Many a Britpop fan in the Nineties described Blur as ‘adorable’ — and that was before Damon Albarn and Co. were turned into LEGO versions of themselves for the upcoming music video game LEGO Rock Band.” All the people, so many [LEGO] people… (rollingstone)

Today’s “Selectism | Around the Web – Music” was guest edited by Columnist, Beau Colburn.

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