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Growing up, the highlight on any visit to my grandfather’s home in West Hartford, CT was a tour of his collection of antique toy cars and trucks. These pieces of Americana were among the objects that spurred my own interest in history and above all the history of things. Donald Kaufman, the founder of K-B Toys, passed away on October 12. During his life as a toy giant, he amassed a legendary collection of toy cars and trucks. His was the type of passion that leads a collecting circle and helps to preserve history for later generations. In my life, there are several folks like Kaufman, albeit in different fields, and without them much of my work would be impossible.

Last March, Kaufman brought the first portion of his collection to auction at Bertoia in Vineland, NJ. The sale brought in $4.2 million. The second portion was similarly successful bringing in $2.9 last month. The numbers are meaningless really, but do indicate the wealth of exceptional pieces within the collection. Given a shared interest I believe we all have in these objects (or at least in Americana and the toys of past) I wanted to share a few gems in Kaufman’s memory.

The Bee published an obituary yesterday, so for those wishing to learn more about Mr. Kaufman follow here.

Head to the jump for a few favorite pieces of the Kaufman Toy Car and Truck Collection.

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