One of the more annoying questions we get asked is ‘do you think magazines will die?’ It’s not that the question in itself is annoying, it’s the assumption that our answer will be yes. While websites are all well and good, there’s no replacement for the tangible.

The Independent has a great feature on music fanzines, a niche sector of magazines which is still going strong. The article hones in on  music zines, focusing on everything from punk zines of the 70’s to Woofah, a grime and reggae zine which is being produced today. One quote which we thought was interesting was John Eden’s, founder of Woofah, thoughts on why fanzines are undergoing a resurgence in popularity.

“There’s a real move back to the physical right now,” he tells me. “People are fed up with MySpace and want to have something they can hold in their hands. There’s a whole generation that have grown up reading information on the net, and they see fanzines as something different and exciting.”

Read the full feature here.

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