01. In Search of the Wild Cohiba
“All we really wanted was a smoke. Yet here we were in Havana, the traditional capital of cigars, not puffing on habaneros but marching through the Museum of the Revolution. The once-ornate chambers in the former presidential palace are now occupied by scenes from the Twenty-sixth of July Movement’s glory days; guards sit reading as tourists file past dim glass cases containing faded manifestos and bloodstained martyrs’ garments.” (Believer)

02. The Velvet Underground: A New York Art (above)

“The Velvet Underground’s association with Andy Warhol is well documented; perhaps what is less well known is the art that was actually made to promote the band’s gigs and albums during the mid-to-late 60s. A new book documents the rise of their decidedly New York art…” (Creative Review)

03. Beer in the Bathroom: The Circle of Life
“Drew mentioned this earlier, but it bears further examination. The Redskins are selling beer in FedExField bathrooms? Holy crap, that’s awesome. And unsanitary.” (Deadspin)

04. The Dozens: Bill Frisell

“As unassumingly as Bill Frisell presents himself in his everyday life is as fiery and unabashedly bold he is with his musical choices. A stylistic chameleon once all-too-appropriately deemed the “Clark Kent of jazz,” his fascination with and dedication to collective improvisation and his early training with Dale Bruning and Jim Hall imparts a jazz approach to most everything Frisell does – regardless of whether it sounds like jazz, or country, or folk, or rock, or a fusion of all, or none of the above. But the truth of the matter is that stylistic categorization hardly matters in his case, and in fact, it almost surely inhibits his personal mission.” (Jazz)

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