01. Whatup Doggy. Hello Kitty.

“I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into tonight.  Angelique invited me to come out to the VIP reception for THREE APPLES : CELEBRATING 35 YEARS OF HELLO KITTY at Royal/T in Culver City.  I just figured it was a Hello Kitty art show.  I’m not a Hello Kitty head, but I do appreciate what the brand entails, it’s influence on Japanese and American culture, and the genius of it all.  If anything, perhaps some interesting blog material for you guys.” (th)

02. Jones Soda Halloween Edition

“Now THESE are some creative Halloween cans! Designed by Superbig Creative…Jones Soda has introduced a line of spooktacular 8oz cans, to be found exclusively in the candy aisles of Target stores nationwide.” (dieline)

03. Man Spends $50,000 to Recreate a First-Class Pan Am Cabin in His Garage (above)

“Anthony Toth is so obsessed with perfectly recreating a vintage Pan Am first-class cabin in his garage that he once traveled to Thailand for—wait for it—original Pan Am branded headphones. And his obsession goes much deeper than that” (gizmodo)

04. Bel & Bel Recycling Old Vespa Scooters Into Office Furniture

“As cool as vintage Vespa scooters are – which would be very cool indeed, if you ask us – there’s no debate that the old air-cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder engines are extremely damaging to the environment. Of course, it seems like such a shame to let all those pretty Italian scooters go to waste, which is one reason why we like electric scooter conversions like this one.” (autobloggreen)

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