Since 1912, Hosmer Mountain Bottling Co. of Willimantic, CT, has been in the hands of just four families. The bottling methods have remained much the same. 12oz or 24oz bottles are filled with the over 30 flavors. Its old fashioned American stuff really, the kind of soda you’d expect to be offered by an older chap quite set in his ways. That’s how I was introduced to Hosmer Mountain; after a day of water skiing in Columbia, CT, by my friend’s grandfather. He’d drunk Hosmer since he was a boy, and the local soda provided the perfect refreshment. Since then I’ve tried a few types of sodas, happy enough each time.

Hosmer, after all, is proud to mention that they make either the 4th or 14th best root beer in the land (depending on the poll). Good old fashioned honesty is just part of making good old fashioned soda.

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