01. 30-Years On: David Bowie’s Lodger Comes In From The Cold

“So, what do you think of Lodger, then? Chances are, if you think of it at all, you think of it as the weakest link in Bowie’s so-called ‘Berlin Trilogy’; the third part, after Low and “Heroes”, that isn’t quite so memorable or influential or icy cool; the one that, if you really think about it — which you tend not to — doesn’t actually fit in with its two illustrious forebears at all.” (quietus)

02. Jack White’s Third Man Records to release Stephen Hawking…

“Jack White’s Third Man Records is set to release a seven-inch single featuring a guest appearance from physicist Stephen Hawking. ‘A Glorious Dawn’, which is out on November 9, is an arrangement of spoken words by astrologer Carl Sagan, originally taken from his award-winning 1980s television series ‘Cosmos: A Personal Voyage’ (nme)

03. Watch Ted Leo’s Misfits Tribute Show

“On Halloween night in Philadelphia, Ted Leo gathered some friends and did the Monsters of Folk one better. They played two entire sets as the Misfits.” (pitchfork)

04. Matt Mikas, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (above)

“Somewhere, in the southern part of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there’s a man. There’s a man with quirky black glasses, and a few records. Quite a few. And they are quite bizarre… Please welcome Mike Mikas, the master of Lounge music, and by Lounge, I don’t mean any of that tired boring electronic slow tempo house beats that go on forever. Lounge music from the 50’s, when people used to party in their lounge. Yes, the real deal.” (dustandgrooves)

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