01. All Tomorrow’s Parties Pre-Order

“ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES the movie can be seen at MIDNIGHT SCREENINGS at the IFC NEW YORK this weekend;
Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November at 323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street, NY.” – ifc (warpfilms)

02. Serge Gainsbourg Film bi-optic Trailer “Vie Héroïque” (above)

For a more HD experience, view this on Youtube.

03. SLEEPBOX / Arch Group

“Arch Group shared their innovative SLEEPBOX design with us.  Intended to provide a comfortable night sleep, the mobile 3.75 m2 unit can be located anywhere people need a place to rest or relax such as airports, train stations, shopping centers, or even in the middle of the streets. “We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable for people,” explained the architects.  Rented for between fifteen minutes and several hours, the SLEEPBOX provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city as clients can rest on foamed polymer beds, which are equipped with an automatic system…” (archdaily)

04. Prism London Eyewear Case

“PRISM is a new brand of hand-made, hand-finished glasses. It was a primary objective to create an outstandingly different concept for eyewear packaging that also offers POS display. PRISM is aimed at the top end of the eyewear market, to people for whom glasses are an important aesthetic accessory and retailed at global high-end stores” (dieline)

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