01. The Disappearance Of Ford Beckman

“How a celebrated american artist was forced to trade his multimillion-dollar collection for a job selling donuts. discussed: Tulsa, The Perfect Golf Swing, Ralph Lauren, Televangelism, Minimalism, Paternal Estrangement, Relentless Artists, German Castles, Cy Twombly, the IRS” (believer)

02. In Conversation With Sonny Rollins

“A Sonny Rollins concert is an event in the world of jazz. Rolling Stone once said that, in the future, people will boast of having seen Rollins perform, much as the lucky few now boast of having seen the great bebop pioneer Charlie Parker.” (jazz.com)

03. The Shelter: A campus for the creative industries in Dubai (above)

“The Shelter is an “innovation campus” that opened earlier this year in Dubai with the support of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. The center aims to support small businesses in the creative industries by minimizing operational headaches. The campus also aims to foster the development of dialogue among creative types by providing a space for ideas to coexist.” (core77)

04. Michelle Kaufmann Tours Twitter’s New Eco-Friendly Office

“Michelle Kaufmann, one of our favorite design heroes, just took a tour of social media giant Twitter’s brand new eco-friendly office space in downtown San Francisco, and we’ve got all the sweet details and pics! We’re super jealous of the Twitter team’s plush sustainable furniture and fabulous design aesthetic conjured up by the very talented Sara Morishige Williams, who happens to be the wife of Twitter CEO, Evan Williams (@ev). Working for a hot internet company certainly has its perks – some of which are a bird’s eye view of San Francisco, eco-friendly and non-toxic finishes, playful and inspiring decorations, and your very own DJ booth” (inhabitant)

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