Today we hear first things about an upcoming Neckface Film. It seems like the artist stays busy after his recent very successful exhibition opening in Miami. Hee is currently working with Ty Evans on a film. Here you already get to see the trailer.

Evans recently told Slash Film that: “The Necface doc is super rough right now. I started filming Neck back in 2005. A lot has happened since then and there is a lot more to come. When I first started filming him I told him I want to film him for a long time span to capture his growth and everything that comes along with it. It is not coming out anytime soon. Maybe I’m half way? Maybe I’m just getting started? I have no clue. Neck is the illest guy out there and I’m psyched he picked me to tell his story.”

Check out the trailer here above. Enjoy!

Via Arrested Motion/Skatefairy.

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