If you are lucky enough to live in Massachusetts, you are then lucky enough to have access to West County Ciders. The range is, quite probably, America’s best hard cider. Family owned, West County started selling Cider commercially in 1984, becoming the first American winery to specialize in hard ciders.

The Maloney’s moved to the Berkshires from Northern California in 1972. Avid wine makers, they applied those same techniques to cider and were impressed with variety that could be produced by blending apple varieties and experimenting with cellaring techniques. What resulted is an impressive range showcasing the individual characteristics of the apple. From crisp to sweet, West County Cider’s are as much about the variety of apple as they are about the end product. There is a particular interest in discovering and believing in the potential of each type. West County maintains its own orchard, growing American, English, and French apples. This leads to good fruits, and better ciders.

Dry Baldwin is a personal favorite, with a dry crisp finish.

The full range is well described  in full on their website.

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