This is a serious post. I purchased my first Bosch 14.4v compact power drill while rehabbing a house back in 2004. For the size and price, nothing will beat nor outlasts this drill in getting things done. It is my favorite power tool – hands down.

About a month ago I lost my Bosch drill. I am pretty certain it was lost in a major car accident I had. Vehicle was a total loss. I could have gone out and bought any other drill, but this Bosch had treated me so well, that I felt no need to acquire any other make nor model. Today it arrived. While it may not be made in Mexico any longer (now in Malaysia), and it includes a massive new charger,  it is still worth every last dollar I spent on it. High recommended on this pre Turkey Day. A real man’s holiday gift. Serious business. Amazon has it for 149$US.

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