01. Busted by Colombo, or, the Impediments of Style

“In the mid-sixties I worked as a press rep for CBS-TV in New York. Though low on a steep vertical hierarchy, I felt I had the kind of dream job I’d seen in movies like The Hucksters and Sabrina — an office (windowless) in the CBS building on Sixth Avenue, a good salary at a time when a floor through apartment on a nice street in Greenwich Village cost me $125 a month, and a charge account at Brooks Brothers that I worked like a farmer works good black loam.” (designobserver)

02. Display

“Display is a curated collection of important graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera organized, designed and maintained by Kind Company, an independent web and print design office in Brooklyn, New York.” (ianc)

03. SpaceShipTwo by Virgin Galactic (above)

“In California yesterday, space tourism company Virgin Galactic unveiled a craft designed to carry passengers on short flights into space. Called SpaceShipTwo, the craft is expected to begin flights for passengers in 2011.” (dezeen)

04. George Orwell’s Motorcycles

“In the waning days of the Vincent Motorcycle Co, 1955 to be exact, the producers of the film adaptation of George Orwell’s classic ‘1984’ utilized the services of the Vincent Owner’s Club to provide a chilling mobile Thought Police force, filming their nearly-new Vincents in a bombed-out area behind Guildhall, London. The photograph above is from the September 1, 1955 issue of The Motor Cycle, which has a small feature on the motorcycles in the film.” (vintagent)

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