01. Toothpick San Francisco Took 34 Years to Complete

“Scott Weaver always dreamed he would build the world’s largest toothpick model and 34 years ago he started working on it. Fast-forward to present day and he still hasn’t fulfilled his dream, but he did create one of the most impressive toothpick sculptures in the world.” (coudal>odditycentral)

02. The Ham Sandwich Theorem

“The ham sandwich theorem is also sometimes referred to as the “ham and cheese sandwich theorem”, again referring to the special case when n = 3 and the three objects are
1. a chunk of ham,
2. a slice of cheese, and
3. two slices of bread (treated as a single disconnected object).” (kottke)

03. Lou Reed Launches iPhone App That Has Nothing to Do With Lou Reed

“You know when you go to your grandparents’ house and they have one of those phones with really big number buttons and it’s sorta sad? Well, Lou Reed’s new iPhone app is the iPhone equivalent of a telephone with big numbers on it.” (p4k)

04. Videos To Get You In The Mood (For Chanukah) (above)

“Jews rejoyce. Orrin Hatch, the Republican Mormon senator from Utah, has written a Hanukkah song: ‘Eight Days of Hanukkah.’As Hatch told the New York Times, ‘Anything I can do for the Jewish people, I will do. Mormons believe the Jewish people are the chosen people, just like the Old Testament.” (brklynvgn>huffpost)

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