Here’s a bunch of linkthru’s of “Shared Items” from my friend’s. – jc

01. Black Tattoo Art: Modern Expressions of the Tribal

“Edition Reuss recently released Black Tattoo Art: Modern Expressions of the Tribal, a photographic homage to a particular genre of skin art. The book is curated by Marisa Kakoulas (lawyer, writer, circus lady, and blogger.) Above and after the jump, Boing Boing’s exclusive peek at some of the hundreds of striking, full-page images you’ll find inside.” (jasoncarlin>boingboing)

02. The Unkut Guide To Rap Genres

“There are so many different types of rap today that almost anybody’s taste can be catered to. But how do you keep up with them all? Let’s take a quick look at some of the important rap genres that are out there right now…” (mattrichardson>unkut)

03. Vintage Belgian School Table and Chairs (above)

Simply beautiful use of color for kid’s tables and chairs (jasoncarlin>handmadecharlotte)

04. Nimbl Wheelchair Has Hubless Wheels and Go-Go-Gadget Seat

“the nimbl is a wheelchair concept by edmonton, canada based designer lawrence kwok. the design was created specifically for use in the home. kwok wanted to create a wheelchair that could navigate inside a home without the need for renovating or retrofitting a home for wheelchair use. the chair is motorized, has a lift actuator to raise the seat and a remote that can switch from the left to right. the chair also features unusual hub-less wheels and a natural wood frame. instead of looking like a piece of special equipment,” (ifoundthisone>designboom)

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