In what feels like the first real winter in years, desire for proper sled holds strong. To quench this yearning only one item will suffice – the Flexible Flyer. It’s a classic. It’s an American Icon. It goes really fucking fast.

The Flexible Flyer was invented by Samuel Leeds Allen. Allen, who mainly worked as a farming implements manufacture, wanted to keep his employees busy in winter. He was also aware of the excitement of sledding, born through his prep school experience. Putting the two together, Allen manufactured several failed rides before patenting the Flexible Flyer in 1889. Despite initial slowness to take root in the market, the sled grew in popularity during the first quarter of the 20th-century. This growth, in part, due to direct marketing with major department stores like R.H. Macy.

Today, exclusive use of the Flexible Flyer name is held by Paricon, a family owned company dating back to 1861.

The Flexible Flyer remains the gold standard of winter fun.

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