01. John Cale to perform classic ‘Paris 1919’ LP live in London

“The Velvet Underground’s John Cale will perform his classic solo album Paris 1919 in its entirety at the Southbank Centre in London next year.” (Fact)

02. Vic Chesnutt RIP – A Recent Quietus Interview

“It was with sadness that we learned that this time the rumours were true and that Vic Chesnutt had died on Xmas Day. Wyndham Wallace talked to him a few months ago, this feature was the result.” (The Quietus)

03. 20 reasons to be cheerful in 2010

“Forget retrospectives for the moment too. The lead into 2010 is going to be underwhelming, but as the year unravels and you get used to writing ‘2010′ on cheques or paying-in slips (both fairly old-fashioned habits to carry a date that seems so futuristic, but, hey, for the most part, we’re a regressive people) there’s some good things on the horizon. It won’t be all-wack-everything in the near future. Why? Because here’s twenty reasons to be cheerful over the next twelve months” (Gwarizm)

04. NKU: Son of Bazerk, No Self Control and the Band! (pictured above)

“Never Knowingly Underdressed – Son Of Bazerk, No Self Control & The Band!” (Garmsville)

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