Where the runway meets the street

Edwin’s collaborative shirting with Pendleton brings together the outstanding heritage and craft of two fine mills. The obvious (from title and look) is Pendleton Woolen Mills, located in beautiful Oregon, USA. The second of the mills, offering the lovely denim detailing, is Kaihara of Japan. Established in 1951, Kaihara began with 34 looms. By the 1970s, they had developed rope dying machines, and 20 years later grown into one of the world’s most renowned producers of sanforized selvedge denim.

What does this bit of (watered down) history tell us about new product? Well, it suggests Edwin has maintained an interest in established methods of production and factories with irrefutable lineage. And, the result is a run of limited (just 300) pieces down in very special color.

Set for July release, so this is just a little tease.

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