Tune in and turn up

Soulland’s been one of our favourite brands for a hot minute now, so it only made sense that we get in touch with founder Silas Adler for our top 5 feature. Adler’s list was what we expected from him (and we don’t mean that negatively). It was varied, but in an organic way – if that makes sense – ranging from Nick Cave to Lil’ Wayne. Take a listen after the leap.

Lil Wayne – Carter III
Favourite Track:

Ian Brown – My Way
Favourite Track:
Always Remember Me

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – B-Sides And Rarities
Favourite Track:
Opium Tea

Wu-Tang – Enter the 36 chambers
Favourite Track:
Bring Da Ruckus

SunnyBeach HappySlap MardiGras – Swine Flue Fiesta
Favourite Track:
Swine Flu Fiesta

Listen to the track on the groups myspace page. The sharp among you will notice that Adler’s also a band member.

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