Given the amount of space dedicated on fashion sites to workwear, it seems appropriate to make note of a book detailing the life of a proper working man. Raymond Goodwin’s tale has bar brawls and heavy drinking. It’s also got keen insight on life in the declining Midwestern lumber industry.

From the publisher –

When Raymond Goodwin started work at a Michigan sawmill in 1979, the glory days of lumbering were long gone. But the industry still had a faded glow that, for a while, held him there. In Sawdusted Goodwin wipes the dust off his memories of the rundown, nonunion mill where he toiled for twenty months as a two-time college dropout. Spare, evocative character sketches bring to life the personalities of his fellow millworkers—their raucous pranks, ribbing, complaints about wages and weather, macho posturing, failed romances, and fantasies of escape.

Goodwin left lumber and got a degree. He now works as manager of human resources at Central Michigan University. Sawdusted comes from University of Wisconsin Press.

Available for preorder from Amazon.

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