Books & Magazines January, 15 2010

(capsule) x Moleskin Notebooks

(capsule) trade show has teamed up with Moleskine, purveyor of quality notebooks, to create a limited edition book for (capsule) exhibitors and members of the show’s Advisory Board. Showcasing one-hundred and thirty of the world’s most sought after designers, (capsule) New York takes place this Monday and Tuesday the 18th and 19th. For those in town, there’s also something called the Neighborhood Network going on with Superfuture – two days of sales and in-store events with everyone from Rogan to Opening Ceremony. You can view the complete list here.

Also check out the work artist Tina Berning did for the show over at Selectism.

Another look at the (capsule) x Moleskin Notebook follows.

(capsule) x Moleskin Notebooks