01. Gentle Air & Special (above)

“Ariel made me this book for Christmas, and it was easily the best present I received this year.  Read Ariel’s introduction for an explanation, but he basically took an e-mail I wrote him about what to to in Tokyo, and turned it into a Tokyo travel guide.  Oh yeah…he also had it translated into Japanese.  Fucking amazing.  Thanks dude…” (jr)

02. San Francisco’s First Bike Box Gets Stenciled!

“San Franciscans, if you were wondering what that green painted box on Scott St. is for, wonder no more. San Francisco’s first green bike box now has a user-friendly picture of a bicycle stenciled on it. Bike boxes, or waiting areas for bikers to pull into at traffic intersections have been used in New York City and Portland, Oregon since 2008 and now have a home in SF too!” (inhabitant)

03. Vass Municipal Campground / Julien Boidot

“The campground is well situated in the heart of the Loire Valley between the river, a forest of large chestnut trees and a 15th century village. The initial program proposed the renovation of the existing facility; however, while defining the objectives of the project with the elected officials in the commune the need for a new building became evident.” (archdaily)

04. Basic Table

“The Basic table transforms from an attractive coffee table into a functional dining table in seconds. Available in Square & Rectangular versions.” (likecool)

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